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Specialty Inks to Enhance Offset Printing

One of the advantages of screen printing is both the quality and the unique applications for which it can be used, including scratch-’n’-sniff and scratch-off game pieces.

Screen printing offers the highest-quality reproduction for the brightest of colors – including white – and images that won’t fade over time.

Tangent Screen Print specializes in providing various specialty inks to enhance offset printer's printed materials.  Whether the offset printed material requires a specialized spot color or a scratch-off overprint ink,  Tangent has the capability to provide the specialty ink that offset printers require.  For assistance with your offset printed material, please call us at 1-773-342-1223 or use our online Request Information form.

Specialty Screen Printed Inks

Phosphorescent – Phosphorescent inks have the ability to hold a charge, which gives printed pieces more vibrance by combining transmissive light with reflective light for a glow-in-the-dark appearance.

Spot UV – When a printed piece requires that the color match is exact, our color-matching capabilities can make sure that all promotional materials are precisely the same shade.  Spot UV is great as a clear color, which will make any area of your piece really shine & pop!

Scratch-Off – Scratch-off inks overprint and hide underlying images with a temporary coating that can be easily removed with a coin or fingernail.  Scratch-off examples include: lottery tickets, newspaper or magazine inserts, and secure pin numbers.

Scratch-’N’-Sniff – Unlike scratch-off inks, scratch-’n’-sniff inks are not removable but “come to life” when the user scratches them.  We can take your preferred scent, mix it with special ink and apply it to your finished piece, providing a multi-sensory experience.

White Opaque Inks – So often an offset printer can reproduce a complicated image but is simply not able to make white areas look sharp and pop out.  We can overlay a white, opaque ink that will give your job the finishing touch that it requires.

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